Rescued Injured Condor Keeps Coming Back To Say ‘Thanks’

Edgar is a simple rancher from Loncopué in Argentina who is currently living a Disney-like moment by befriending a bird. And not just any bird, but a imposing condor whom he found in the yard of his house and has been helping to grow for the last few months.

“One day in March he appeared here alone and with a broken leg,” Edgar said in an interview. “We were healing him from an injury that did not seem to be serious and from that day he approaches me every time I call him.”

“When I contacted wildlife people they told me it was a male bird who is believed to have been born in October last year and apparently had lost contact with his parents,” the man shared about his new friend whom he affectionately calls ‘Condorito.’ (Btw Condorito is a famous Chilean comic book that features an anthropomorphic condor living in a fictitious town).

While the rancher is excited about the whole story, he reiterated that he was not trying to domesticate the bird as the condor belongs in the wild.

This week the bird began to fly and is slowly moving from Edgar’s house. “It keeps appearing, but less and less, which is what we expected,” he said. Still, the rancher is happy he was able to help the bird.

Without a doubt this condor has some feelings, because a normal one would have easily kicked his ass! 

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