Speaking of Winning Back My Heart …

Sorry for the lack of updates, I barely slept these days and I was too tired to touch my laptop.

My lack of sleep has nothing to do with anything sexy, which is pretty depressing ’cause I wasn’t born to not have sex. Gladly the Sex Gods are always on my side and the following days look like the Promised Land.

Mathew is one the guys my libido can’t say no. Physically he’s taller and slimmer than I. He’s kind of trash looking but his facial bone structure is perfection, and I’m a sucker for pretty faces. He’s a gay guy (at last!) in an open relationship…  But I don’t care about that because his purpose in life is to make me cum… As he also gets very turn on by my old bones.

Guys like him I don’t get romantically involved with for obvious reasons.

And speaking of involved… Sébastien messaged me yesterday after randomly disappeared,  because the levels of WTF of the new generation is epic and wretched. But they’re fun tho, while they still young.

So he was blah blah “I’m sorry” blah blah “I’m gonna prove you right” and more blah…. as if I care.

I mean I like Sébastien, but I like MANY others. #DontFeelSoSpecial

Hot guys in this city are abundant… In fact, another one is Will… and he texted me today to asked me out. Sadly I already had plans. Will is also my type because, any hot guy is my type. Obviously!  

Anyway, I’ve been a total saint these days… But, I think I had enough. 

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