Older Men… CHECK!

Well, I wasn’t joking when I said I’ll be dating everybody else this week. 3 guys want to see me tonight, one of them is Randy (my regular fuckfriend) but I’m kind of annoyed at him ’cause he’s been neglecting me for the last 6 days KNOWING that I need sex A LOT more often.

So, he won’t be my “date” tonight. Most likely it will be Felix.

But aside from them, last night I sporadically met someone who was actually not barely legal, a MAN and not a twink or a jock for once.

Patrick is his name (very common name over here,) he asked me out and since he was pretty hot looking I said yes, not caring he was older than 20.

Hot is hot! Period.

I’m so used to younger guys that older man doesn’t usually attract me (since many gays look already like crap in their early 30’s) but Patrick was an incredible exception for his 50’s. #Goals

First of all, his gorgeous smile and beautiful eyes, then his muscular athletic body, and mostly his sweet personality. He was very “innocent” in a way, and I checked that when he stared telling me about his cheating ex boyfriends. 

Despite his age and experience, I found Patrick very soft and tolerant… A hot good man in essence, but who gets involved often with people attracted by his money rather than himself, ’cause he’s kind of rich.

So we were the opposite in all areas… Him, the sweet personality hairy man. Me, the strong personality smooth bitch.

But opposite attract and we obviously ended the night in bed, mostly performing some foreplay and cuddling rather than anything else… He was obsessed with my arms and my ass, and I was so into his solid all.

I think is the second time in all the years I live here that I connect well with a local. French Canadians and I have nothing in common (generally speaking,) but another fact is that rich people and I get along very well.

And I’m not even joking, you can ask several of my ex’s.

In short, it was a cute experience. And if I ever don’t see him again, at least I can say I’ve been with an older man. So, CHECK!!

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