As planned, Felix came to see me last night to prove he’s the man I need in my bed. Taller, good looking, slimmer, aggressive, nice dick, kinky and full of potential… However, he cummed TOO FAST and left me half-done…

He was way too excited with my tight charms and dirty talk that he couldn’t hold it.

But despite that I actually liked him. He had a great playful attitude and that’s an awesome quality. Not to mention is totally hot when a younger guy calls you “boy” when in fact I could be his older bro or his dad.

Anyway, tonight I’ll probably see my brand new official fuckfriend, a 27 year old piece who’s more on the same page with me when it comes to “often” unlike Randy and Tomy.

Singlehood is definitely not for me…

While taken I’m 100% monogamous and I respect my partner, but single I’m 100% in flames and I don’t respect myself. But masturbation is not my favourite coping mechanism, plus why should I opt for that and keep my hands to myself when the gods send all these hot people my way?

I’m not ungrateful, just half-done… Until later on.

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