Jack knocked at my door and it was instant “love”.

He was a lot hotter in person. Handsome, muscular, masculine, a hockey player and pretty hairy… Just looking at him was another form of orgasm.

He’s a bi (because apparently it’s the year for straights and bisexuals in my bed) who never had the intimacy we had last night. His approach with other men in the past was mostly a fuck and go, rather than something deeper and passionate.

At first I played Santa Maria, but then I realised he was very into me, so I quit my role and went full Maria Magdalena on him.

He was nice, talkative, and adored my soft skin and “prettiness”…. “I don’t believe how smooth you are” he said, while I was hypnotised by his strong manly body.

He rightly used 2 out of the 3 condoms in his mouth, because I don’t expect any less from guys over 10 years younger than I. 

Sex with Jack was pretty fun, he was very eager to please me and open to whatever I ask. And lying in bed we concluded that we needed to be fuckbuddies, so it was a mutual #Yaaas!

Undoubtedly, my type of guy.

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