Nobody Knows Me

Despite of all the wicked things that I do and all the sex I have, I randomly pray from time to time and I apologise for whatever wrong I may have done (mostly to myself.)

Nobody really knows who I am. People who gets to meet me are usually confused by the image I project and the person in front of them. I may look like whatever you want, but the truth is that I am the most private and committed guy. But most important, I am a good person.

When I’m not distracting my loneliness with lust, I feel somehow down because beneath my skin there is a continuous struggle between my reason and my heart. I fight myself a lot but nobody ever sees me sad, they only see a fun guy and not the one damage inside.

Most people call me mysterious because I don’t share details of my life.

Only here when I blog, I open up. 

But nobody really knows me… like you know me.

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