Maybe I Should Not

I spent part of the evening with Max & JG yesterday and something made me reconsider this whole “3some”.

I realised that JG and I have a strong attraction, and while I managed to keep it discreet, JG couldn’t hide it. So I felt Max a bit jealous last night.

Max & JG are very particular individuals, they’re both in the mid 20’s but they lack the energy of the youth in their souls, specially Max.

Despite the fact they’re having an open relationship, Max’s mentality for everything else is very illiberal. He’s somehow controlling, he limits JG to do stuff, and most important… He haven’t understood yet that nobody belongs to nobody.

I felt that Max is slowly suffocating JG and I’m not so wrong in my observation, after all, JG is the one who recently asked Max to “spice up” their relationship… Which to me translates as “I’M BORED!”

When Max asked me if I ever felt less passionate about my partners over time (specially the one of 7 years,) my answer was simple: Never!!

I’ve never stopped feeling intense passion, or had the time to desire other people because all my focus, perversion and creativity was fully into my boyfriends. And I was very happy that way.

However, my boyfriends were cool, fun and never discouraged me to do stuff. But that’s not Max’s case.

JG made me feel that his attraction was more than sexual. I’m the antithesis of Max and that’s exciting for him. BUT… they are a couple, and it’s not good that he pays excessive attention to me.

Therefore, I decided to step back.

I’m pretty sure they will eventually breakup (I’ve seen similar couples in the past,) but I don’t want to be an excuse or part of the reason.

I’m a hedonistic not a homewrecker. 

JG is very cute, but I should not!

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