Five Year Photo Project

Keeping in touch with your best friends from high school can be tough.

People move away, start families, start careers, and suddenly nothing is the same as it was…

For 5 pals from Santa Barbara, California, however, staying connected is a top priority, and every 5 years the group gets together to recreate a photo that has come to define their friendship.

Back in 1982, the quintet was on vacation near Copco Lake in Northern California, each of them at the ripe young age of 19, when they decided to capture their summer fun in a group photo. From that point on, the guys decided that they would meet at the Siskiyou Country reservoir every 5 years to get on camera together, and that they would do whatever it took to make it happen. They called it the Five Year Photo Project, and on June 24th, they marked the 8th instalment to the series with their 2017 portrait.









Not only do they commit to making it out on holiday every year, they make sure that each photo stays as true to the original as possible.

That’s an awesome friendship!

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