Happy 20th Anniversary, HARRY POTTER

The news that the Harry Potter series is twenty years old has left me saddened in the way only Dobby’s untimely death could. Has it really been that long? Apparently so. My. God. I left my youth on those books.

To celebrate the occasion, Facebook has added a bit of magic to the Facebook site and mobile applications. Statuses that contain the phrase ‘Harry Potter, ‘Gryffindor,’ ‘Ravenclaw,’ ‘Hufflepuff,’ or ‘Slytherin’ will display a cool animation of a wand casting a spell when tapped.

On times like this, I miss Facebook, Instagram and whatever social app I’m not longer on it.

Also I found online few questions for HP fans, so let me answer them:

  • Favourite Hogwarts professor? Minerva Mcgonagall  #BossWitch
  • What job would you want in the HP verse? Hogwarts professor
  • What would you want to study most at Hogwarts? Defence Against the Dark Arts
  • What would your Boggart look like? Something disgusting 

Harry Potter is definitely one of my favourite books and souvenirs of yesteryear.

I wish Google had also come up with some brilliant tribute as well.

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