Husband’s Week

Apparently it’s husband’s week for me… since Hubby takes care of many of my personal stuff, he came to check the work on my new shower and also invited me to eat. However, I had to go visit my parents so he drove me over there instead. Hubby and I breakup 8 years ago, we were together 7, but he still taking care of me as if we were a real marriage.

Aside from the sexual aspect, nothing has really changed much between us. He’s probably the only man I trust fully and blindly ’cause he never disappointed me. He’s also the only man I’ve ever met that can confront me and make me shut up without saying a word. 

Hubby is my proof that loves evolves in something superior and quasi-divine. 

Not many people in their lifetime experience this type of mutual devotion, but I am privileged in that area… Because my ex’s are simply the most fantastic guys!

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