Do Começo Ao Fim

I watched this amazing “gay” film some years ago, but never had had the chance to blog about it. I watched again few days ago.

From Beginning To End touches one of the biggest taboos out there, a taboo that makes you forget this is a gay film… Incest!

If taboos don’t sit well with you, stay clear of this movie.

This Brazilian romantic drama centres on the intimate bond between two men made problematic with them being half-brothers. As children, Francisco and his younger half-brother Thomás, were best friends and unusually close to each other, so much so that their intimacy brings vocal concerns from relatives that maybe they are too close. But the parents reluctantly brush away the gossip.

Fast-forward several years with the now strikingly handsome, bronzed young men taking their childhood intensity into a torrid sexual relationship.

This sweeping erotic drama does not just live on the controversial subject, this film is a love story, as the title says, from beginning to end!

When I first found out about this movie (few years ago) I was a bit reluctant due to the subject, but this film is so beautifully made that it makes you forget everything else.

Forget the incest part and even the gay part, I have never seen in film a couple so completely in love.

The way they embrace and look in each others eyes made me miss that depth of love and few other things one feels when is something pure. The actors are so good that they make it look so real.

Both incredibly gorgeous, but more than the physical appearance they make you fall in love with their personalities. Rarely have a I seen such a great film presented by actors giving their all.

Beautiful film!

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