And as a proud Canadian, here are 7 reasons why I love Canada.

1) The beautiful nature that one finds in Canada… the lakes, the forests, the mountains, the arctic and the sea. The incredible variety of landscapes across this vast land.

2) The quality of life, our healthcare system, our “peace keeping tradition” and the equality for everyone.

3) The beauty of cities such as Ottawa, Quebec City, and Victoria to name a few…


4) Our 2 official languages (English & French) and the amount of polyglots in the country.

5) The diversity of its  gorgeous and super cool open minded people.

6) Our coloured money.

7) The LEGENDARY Christopher Plummer, the late Loenard Cohen and Leslie Nielsen, Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Linda Evangelista, Jim Carrey, Kim Cattrall (a.k.a SAMANTHA JONES,) Ryan Gosling, Ryan Raynolds, Rachel McAdams (a.k.a REGINA GEORGE,) Pamela Anderson boobs, Sandra Oh, Evangeline Lilly, Alanis Morissette, Michael Bublé, Shawn Mendes, Drake, The Weeknd, Alessia Cara, Diana Krall,  Nelly Furtado, etc, etc, etc…

What I dislike: Quebec double tax (UGH!), my passport picture, Justin Bieber doucheness, the embarrassing seal hunt, Canada’s 4 seasons: Almost winter, winter, still winter, and construction.



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  1. r_hsw says:

    making me want to visit.

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