Romance Still Exist

Two years ago shopping on a secondhand bookstore I found someone’s “love triangle” story inside a book.

This time something similar happened. However, instead of a love triangle, I found the “last chapter” of a teenage romance…

Love letters and few pictures of a young Mexican couple (what are the odds I find notes in Spanish inside an English book on a French bookstore?) that were having a long-distance relationship at some point.

Inside the book were hiding many love notes and letters. The book belonged to the girl, so most of the notes were from the then-boyfriend.

Since the notes were on display I read few sentences from few letters and I was in awe to found out that those notes were written only 3 years ago…

Since technology has replaced pen and paper but also romanticism, I truly believed the art of love letters were extinct. 

Now, to see those romantic letters written in 2014 by a heterosexual guy was total revelation to me, and I couldn’t help but to have the awwws with all the stuff he wrote to “Sofi”.

Whatever happened to that couple is life.

Relationships are born to die, but I believe in keeping always the best souvenirs. And to me all the dedication that guy put in those letters deserved more than a forgotten corner of a secondhand bookstore.

His notes are the reflection of his most vulnerable and pure essence. And that’s a treasure.

I for instance keep in a box the few birthday cards and love notes that my ex partners (from Hubby to Joseph) gave me once, because those are the invaluable things… You can buy and replace anything else, but the feelings of that specific moment in time would never comeback.

They are unique, irreplaceable and unrepeatable.

That young couple story was very sweet while it lasted. But what really touched me was to see, that romanticism still exist.

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  1. r_hsw says:

    hand written notes are sexy and special. they are such a rare find these days.

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