Still Not

As planned, I spent some of the evening with Jeremy… my red spanked ass is proof of that.

Jeremy is pretty good at playful sex, but as much as I enjoyed, it had a major flaw this time… It ended up too fast! All the fantastic foreplay was gone when he cummed.

I don’t know if Xavier made me a power bottom (yes he did!) or if my stamina still high (yes it is) but as hot as most of my latest encounters were, I was not fully satisfy ’cause I need to get fucked more than once.

Jeremy was dead tonight, while I was still pretty fresh… The other day Joe did me twice, but he seemed in shock when I asked for more.

By far the last guy I was fully pleased by was Francis.

Maybe there’s a problem with me and I ask too much? I don’t know. I just know that although I like getting spanked, I still haven’t found the right guy.

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