Late Start

I went to bed at 4 AM.

Since Bunny (one of my ex’s) took Sai Sai (our dog) with him for few days I was alone last night… My place felt empty when I came back from seeing Xavier, so I couldn’t sleep.

I got up around 7 AM and found 2 messages, one from Marc and one from Randy… Obviously both horny looking to get laid. However I was not in the mood for their sausage, but more for real breakfast.

Also, I’m still kind of pissed at Randy for neglecting me so careless, and regarding Marc, well… He could be such a great top (good looking, hot body and great cock,) but he’s too selfish and lazy, and sex to me is about mutual pleasure and satisfaction.

So NO, I was not in the mood to please people who doesn’t please me.

I think I had enough of amateurs, I need a new man or men, whatever, I’m too nice to all these guys and they don’t deserve it.

Anyway, my day begun very late and since I was off I decided to do some shopping…  Sadly, there was nothing appealing enough on the regular stores, so I took my ass to the more exclusive shops and then I saw my next big love… A pair of Fendi sunglasses big enough to hide my whole existence. In other words, fantastic!!! 

Now, I should start giving my rich ex’s  some hints of what I want for my birthday because there’s no way I pay $600 for them.

Where is PatrickA when I need him?

I’m telling you, hot guys will come and go but QUALITY is a very rare feature. So, if you ever find someone attractive that keeps your climax in check and treats you well, feel lucky and never let go!! 

That said, I wanna feel lucky again.

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