What’s Sleep?

I went to bed at 8 AM. My life is a mess!

Since I’m catching up with sexy, Randy came to see me super late last night… And few hours later, Tomy also arrived… By then it was about 4 AM.

Although with Randy lust was consumed, with Tomy was only cuddles.

Since many offered me themselves in order to sleep well, I decided to go for my regular sexmates.

However, sleep went to hell ’cause Tomy was not in any mood to let me rest…  Seriously, I’ve barely sleep this week. Actually, what’s sleep?

By 7 AM my stomach needed food, so Tomy got me something to eat like the considerate man that he is (more like, hunger makes me a total bitch).

Around 8 AM he finally left, so I slept for 2 hours…

I no longer know what’s worst, sleep alone or sleep with too many? 

Clearly my shit is too extreme, but at least I released.

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