Good Vibes

Don’t get fooled by my looks or the stuff I do, I have things very clear, I know who I am and I know what I’m looking for… All the sex I have and the men in my bed are just my way to keep sane.

If you ask me, I will always chose to be in a relationship rather than have many lovers at the same time.

But in the times we live relationships are not everybody’s dream.

Humans got allergic to compromise and feeling too much, the same way assorted perverts are addicted to Snapchat.

Also, for me to be in a relationship it takes more than a hot cock or a pretty face. It takes essence, it takes brain, it takes charm, and it takes a man able to handle me… because as sweet, as considerate, as submissive and as whatever they want me to be, I am also demanding.

And I demand FAIRNESS!

I’ll give you whatever you want from me, but I need to receive the same amount of satisfaction from you.

If Im nice to you, you also have to be nice with me. Simple. That’s how things work in anything THAT WORKS!

But not everyone uses their logic, and not eveyone have self-respect.

That said, today the gods sent my way a new man… *insert laughing face*

Unlike any of my previous or current affairs, this guy is not as gorgeous in the face. He’s more like meh! BUT, he has a nice body, he is a total beast down there and most important he has a great unselfish attitude, which is very sexy in my book… And while sex and love are two different things, they both put you in a happy mood.

This guy give me “fairness” vibes, he seem considerate and a giver.

If I’m blogging about him is because I have nothing else to blog about since I haven’t had sex in a while (about 2 days,) so instead of talking about the angry American society, the Whoredashians or whatever other mess out there, I’d rather write about how the Sex Gods prevent my loneliness from killing me… Thank you gods!! 

So yeah I may try that new guy… or may not, who knows? I’m unpredictable (a.k.a moody af). At least for now, he gives me good vibes.

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