Reality Check Please!! Part 4

It’s been a while since I had a reality check episode but here we are…

So, Jean Philippe (one of my hot WhatsApp contacts) texted me today out of the blue. He was like “why we haven’t met yet?” and blah blah… I was like “because I had a bf?” 

He was all horny asking me pictures and stuff, so I played along because I’m the biggest cock teaser ever. 

Then he asked me to go to his place because he didn’t “travel” acting all princess and shit, and that’s when I was like “excuse YOU?!”

See, he was the one looking for me, not me for him! 

So I had to make him come back to reality. 

Things got a bit more heated than what you see above, but over all I made clear that I DON’T NEED HIM.

People tend to tell me to be more confident because of my self-deprecating/shy ways, but when I speak the truth they accuse me of being a cocky bragging prick. 

The fact is I don’t need ANY guy, because there’s always MORE at my door.

So when they feel too special and act stupid I just laugh at their face.

Jean-Philippe couldn’t take my rejection and he video called me. Then, LIVE I had to tell him the facts because whoever looks for drama with a Latino guy simply won the lottery with me.

Curiously, instead of getting scare of my ass he got more obsessed. In other words, he got more excited and still wants to fuck me.

Men… Who understand them? But actually, who cares?

What’s important here is that THEY understand me. Because I don’t have to deal with them, they have to deal with ME!

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