Thanks For Making Me A Fighter

So… I’ve been fighting a nasty virus these days. 

I thought it was an ordinary cold, but the fever and assorted horrible symptoms tells me is a flu or god-knows-what…

I’m not a doctor, but it would be very easy to be one ’cause all they do is telling you to “take a Tylenol” and nothing else.

That said, I spent 6 hours last Friday at the hospital trying to see a doctor ’cause I was feeling awful, but I saw nobody. Saturday morning I went to another clinic and after 3 hours of waiting I finally saw one… Who didn’t do anything to make me feel better… Doctors here (at least in Quebec) don’t do anything unless you’re in the last stage of death. #FACT

Anyway, back home all frustrated and exhausted I went straight to bed and spent the whole day with fever lying there.

Today Sunday I feel a lot better (I’m blogging!)

My sore throat pain is almost gone, no fever and less cough. And all that thanks to my right choices by drinking ginger with lime and honey (mixed in a blender,) few Tylenol and lots of sleep.

The truth is I rarely get sick (I’m usually Wolverine,) but in this case I take full responsibility on my condition ’cause I’ve been neglecting myself a lot the past few months.

3 to 4 hours of sleep on daily basis ce n’est pas très santé! You cannot lead a healthy existence that way. Also, kissing many boys at the same time was not very wise of me either. So, yeah I know how to do a mea culpa.

However, it would be nice if a doctor were able to make your misery less painful. But since they DON’T, thanks for making me a fighter! 

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