The Good Side Of Bad Things

Been buys and too tired to update. Sorry.

So, something unexpected happened over the weekend… my boss refused my demand for vacations on December.

See, unlike the rest of humanity I prefer to take vacations during autumn or winter because my destination is usually spring or summer somewhere else in the world.

Since that prick doesn’t wanna let me go on December I asked vacations for next month, specifically near my birthday’s date. And surprisingly, he accepted.

I never cared about my bday (there’s nothing fun on getting old) but since I’m turning 40 I thought maybe I should do something different.

Usually, I spend it with my boyfriend (the big plan) and also I let my ex’s spoil me, but since I’m single this year (so far) I don’t really have a big plan.

I’m sure Hubby will take me out when he comes back from Hong Kong (as he always does it,) Bunny will call me or give me a present (as usual too,) and the last time I saw Xavier we talked about doing something, but he is not in Montreal right now and I don’t want to annoy him with my stuff.

So… Maybe I’ll leave the country!

It will depend if I can find reasonable prices for my first destination, otherwise I have plan B. But if nothing works I’d better get fucked by someone hot that day ’cause only that will make for a HAPPY birthday.

In short, there’s always a good side on everything. Even the bad.

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