Hyperreal Whale Beaches to Raise Environmental Awareness

The Captain Boomer Collective, a Belgian activist art group, is back with another incarnation of its beached whale installation. The hyper-realistic sperm whale sculpture has been beached on the banks of Paris’ River Seine.

Since 2008, the group has installed the beached whale in different European cities, most notably along the banks of the Thames in London, as a way to raise environmental awareness.

The realistically rendered animal is a shocking site for some, who learn more about why whales beach themselves from actors dressed as scientists. They not only give out educational information but act out, in detail, the dissection and autopsy of the whale.

Though strandings of whales, dolphins, and other marine mammals dates back to ancient times, scientists are unable to explain exactly why these events occur. There are a variety of theories, including environmental factors like noise pollution and climate change.

Through their art, Captain Boomer Collective attempts to remind the public why they must mobilise in protecting marine life… ‘And that’s because we need every living specie to survive.

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