New Book

I bought this 422 pages book yesterday: A Tale From The Time Being by Ruth Ozeki.

I’m not usually into novels but I got curious and felt a bit related with the heroine of the story, as she writes in a way of solace to escape from her loneliness.

The introduction reads:

On a remote island in the Pacific Northwest, a Hello Kitty lunchbox washes up on the beach. Tucked inside is a collection of curious items, including the diary of a sixteenyear-old Japanese girl named Nao Yasutani. Ruth, a writer who finds the lunchbox, suspects that it is debris from Japan’s devastating 2011 tsunami. Once Ruth starts to read the diary, she quickly finds herself drawn into the mystery of the young girl’s fate.

Meanwhile in Tokyo, Nao, uprooted from her U.S. home, bullied at school and watching her parents spiral deeper into disaster, has decided to end her life. But first she wants to recount the story of her great-grandmother, a 104-year-old Zen Buddhist nun, in the pages of her secret diary…

Seems solid enough to me. More to come…

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