Super Spoiled

The chances I spend my birthday somewhere else are at 95% now, and I’m actually very excited about it. 

My excitement has to do mostly because I’m going to visit my cousins (which are like siblings/best friends) and assorted relatives in two South American countries.

The last time I fllew to South America was 12 years ago and I haven’t seen many of my relatives ever since.

My cousins (mostly women) adore me, I was the only boy in the family when we were kids and to this day I’m very spoiled. The majority of my cousins are also wealthy so they’re planing a party and plenty of stuff for my arrival…

Some asked me what I want on my menu, what I want as a present, got me already a gym, a massage therapist, a driver, and whatever else I wish… I feel like Aladdin with his magic lamp.

By far, the plan is that I take my plane from Montreal on the 17th (August) to arrive to my motherland on the 18th and take another plane on the 19th to my final destination for my birthday party.

Now the idea of seeing many people (uncles, aunts and cousins and husbands) at the same place kind of makes me anxious, but not super uncomfortable. After all they are people I love, so I guess in my head the joy to be around them is stronger than my social anxiety disorder.

I haven’t feel this happy in a while, well… sex makes me super happy also, but this is different. So, YAY!

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