More Straight Boys…

2017 is definitely going down as the year I had more sex with heteros than homos. Although for the gay world I’m already too old to love, boys still find me somehow appealing. Specially, straights and bisexuals.

Randy, Tomy, Mikee, Jeremy, Eli, Jack, and the 50 others I forgot their name.

Over the weekend I kept my virginity intact ’cause I’m seeing Randy tonight, but horny messages from young stallions tempted my honourable self to misbehave.

3 of them were straight… And just like that I wondered if I should become a tranny since it feels like heterosexuals are the only males taking me more “serious”.

Obviously the 3 of them are attractive, but one of them is more of my type because he’s hotter than the others… And I’m not superficial but when all you are is a sex object, your standards should go even higher to at least have the satisfaction to have had fucked the hottest men.

So yeah, we’ll see what happens this week with all these straight boys…

And don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing that the new generation of heterosexuals are more open to explore their sexuality because gone should be the sexual labels that in many cases prevent people to fully discover their bodies and new ways of pleasure.

On a personal note, it’s uninspiring that gone are the days I dreamed of a partner and a family… Societies have changed and all of me with them.

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