Salsa Vol 2

You are all aware that I was born in South America and raised between Lima and Buenos Aires. Yet, I “grew up” here in Montreal and this is where I’ve spent my youth and adult life. Home is here and my habits are almost the same as any other Montrealer, except better. Thank you!

However, I have periods when my Latin blood dominates whatever “white” in me, and it manifests through music… I stop playing mainstream and whatever is on GAY FM (from Germany) to dance to exhaustion and overdose myself with salsa.

Aside from pop, salsa is on the top 3 on my Latin music list, particularly the romantic/sensual/sexual type of olden times. Nowadays the talent on this genre is not as magnificent, and sensual salsa is on extinction.

So, below few of my favourite songs from yesteryears.

Celos (Jealousy) by Marc Anthony

Tu y Yo (You and I) by La Misma Gente

Although you’re absent, in my mind you still present
and no matter the distance that keep us apart
never doubt that I love you
never doubt that I miss you…

 Tal Vez (Perhaps) by Jerry Rivera

If you knew how much I love you
perhaps you would like to comeback.
You are the reason of my living
you are part of my life that I cant tear away
this love is killing me, I just want you for me…
And you are not here.

Nunca Cambies (Dont Ever Change) by Octava Dimesion

Never try to be different because I love you as you are
don’t ever change I beg you
never stop being the woman you are
don’t ever change for anyone
this is how I loved you, love you,
and will always love you foolishly.

Ella (She) by Hansel y Raul & Luis Enrique

*This song is about the story of 3 dudes who love the same woman. Bitch is a cheat. The wife, the girlfriend and the lover of the three men. 

Dude #1:
She is so fragile, so sweet, so innocent,
and without any evil. She is full of love,
affection and sincerity. The best I have
had in my life, I swear.

She has long been my forbidden lover,
the illegal pleasure, neither dare, nor want to escape
she’s a vice that I carry in my veins
she, who appears to be sweet, innocent,
without any evil is the beast that devours
my body in bed… What a coincidence.

She who is your sweet girlfriend and your lover
hungry for pleasure, that in the
intimacy drive both of you crazy,
a couple of years ago… I married her. She’s my wife.

Quiero Morir en tu Piel (I want to die on your skin) by Willy Gonzalez

I want to die on your skin,
I want to drink your life
tasting you little by little
until I lose my senses drunk of you.

I hope you enjoyed it. And if you’re curious here’s Vol 1.

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