First They Killed My Father

The trailer for Angelina Jolie upcoming Netflix film First They Killed My Father has been released. Some might have waited until the tsunami of bad press surrounding the film died down a little.

Or maybe Angelina figured that telling the haters to step to the left was enough damage control.

I don’t know! Either way, we’ve got a trailer to watch now

Well, I love Angelina but this trailer doesn’t reflect that powerful memoir.

Perhaps the trailer is like SFW or something because what the Khmer Rouge did (this film is a about the Cambodian genocide) was one of the most abhorrent and heinous crime in history… The way they killed people, they stuff they did… If you’ve read this book, you won’t forget it.

This trailer doesn’t really show any of anything, but well, I guess I just have to wait to see this film before any further comment.

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