Speaking Of Make Them Question Their Sexual Orientation….


I got a text from Tomy at 2 AM… Unlike Randy he’s straight and we haven’t seen each other in about a month or so. You know the saying when it pours it rains? Well, the same I can apply to guys.

There are times when everyone seem unavailable and all of a sudden they come back at the same time … That’s kind of my story this week. 

Unlike gays, heterosexual “curious” carry a bag of doubts and questions about themselves, and I believe Tomy was having a difficult time trying to decide where to settle his penis.

That said, he wants to see me tonight but I’m also seen Minh, so I may have a “double date” or I don’t know what the hell am I going to do ’cause the rest of the week is going to be sexy as well.

First come first serve, I guess.

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