That Memorable Time

Sorry I’ve been catching up with my sex life and my bisexual lover… whom btw just gave me the time of my life, at last!!

It’s not that he’s bad, but there’s always a MEMORABLE moment (for every lover) and for him that moment was last night.

Probably the several weeks of not seeing each other made things a lot hotter, which undoubtedly was the case…

He was super hungry and truly fucked me goodnight because I just wanted to sleep after he abused my tight hole with his fat cock. No complaints whatsoever!

As I said there’s always an extra memorable moment, in fact I still remember few of  those moments my ex’s gave me…

Bunny kept me awake a whole night and i fucked him 6 times. With Jaden I broke a sofa while pounding him. Joseph tore up my bed sheets while having the best Halloween sex ever. With PatrickA we did some unmentionable stuff, and Xavier fucked me 4 times before sleep.

I have no idea how am I going to see Minh later ont ’cause I’m not longer horny… Anyhow, Randy and I were excited to see each other, after all it’s been several months now that we are fuckfriends.

He unusually talked a lot last night. He talked about his ex girlfriend, friends in general, work, and he asked me plenty of life situations (he’s 19, curious and still discovering his sexuality,) and in the end he told me something that was cute, yet funny… “You’re nice and hot enough to make question my sexual orientation” he said…  

I frankly didn’t know what to say other than “You’re too kind!”.

We really had a memorable night. The only type I need in my life!

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