My Ex’s > Yours!

This morning picking up my baby from his other daddy’s house, my married ex (Bunny) gave me a present.

I was like“Is it my bday?”…  “No it’s not you silly!” he said. Awww how random and sweet of Bunny.

He gave me a body lotion ’cause nothing says keep your shit fresh like some Lanvin body lotion. He clearly cares for my beauty!

I feel truly blessed to have the best ex boyfriends (I chose them right!) and I don’t know if in the world exist someone who loves his ex’s as much as me. But if they do, they’re awesome too.

Despite the many years of our “end” most of them have stayed in touch, but 3 of them remain particularly close showing me love in different ways. When they’re not buying me a Condo, they’re giving me cute presents. Yet, no present in life is more valuable than their unconditionally friendship.

And that’s probably the BEST PROOF that once, I was a really great guy.

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