As my 1st birthday present I got my plane tickets to South America.

Unlike my latest getaways, this time my excitement relies on the idea of seeing my beloved relatives and not some hot island sex at some tropical beach on the Caribbean. I know… What’s wrong with me!!!

I truly have no idea how am I going to handle 2 weeks without sex, but my straight boys better be ready to turn off my flames because I’ll be back muy caliente!

Now, I don’t have a strong attachment to my motherland (picture above) but going back to the roots of your essence is always a good thing… And God knows how bad I need to find myself again.

I’m very excited to see everyone actually, specially my cousins in Santa Cruz. So, I’ll be leaving in 11 days at 8 AM from Montreal to Miami, and then Miami to Lima arriving at 10 PM.

Then I’ll stayed in Lima for about 12 hours to visit my paternal grandparents and then head to the airport again to take another plane to Santa Cruz (another 3 hours flight) where I’ll stay most of my trip. On my way back I’ll be staying in Lima 2 days with another of my brilliant cousins before coming back to Montreal.

I don’t know if I should bring my laptop, just the idea of going through the US customs at the airport and then the other two airports in South America stresses me out and I don’t wanna carry much stuff.

On the other hand I have 10 days left to get extra fit, which means I need to starve myself in 3, 2, …  ugh! I’m hungry already. FAIL! 

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