Quick Update

Sorry for not updating as much but I had an overwhelming weekend and Monday at work and all I wanted was to sleep. Which I did! 

I fought with my stupid boss again because he’s an asshole and I don’t take shit from anyone, so I haven’t had the best days… But anyway, it’s over!I cannot wait to go on vacations, leave all behind and forget everything and everyone.

Other than that not much excitement going, or more accurately I was not in the best mood for it… Until today that I’m off at last!

So, Minh texted me last night, and Randy and Cedrik this morning… So hopefully I’ll see any of them or someone else later on ’cause nothing says day off like unloading the stress on a hot man.

… And it looks like that man will be Cedrik.

Yeah, I’m definitely decompressing tonight! 

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