Early Bday Fuck

I should be doing my luggage, but instead I keep doing men.

I had few straight guys wanting to do me yesterday and today (Nik 27, Luka 20, Simon 22 and David 20) but when Randy asked me if I wanted him tonight I had to give him the priority. #Seniority 

I won’t be able to see him for over two weeks so he’s fucking me Happy Birthday later on… Which I totally deserve ’cause I haven’t had sex in 3 days and I’m like a cat in heat right now… And you can judge all you want but sex is probably the only area I’m very high maintenance. Otherwise you won’t find someone as easy and angelic than I.

Anyway I may see Luka or Nik tomorrow ’cause both are compatible with my perversion and I don’t have the heart to refuse. 

I can’t help it, desire makes me weak!

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