Douche On The Loose

Logan Paul, one of the many douchebags that dominates Youtube for IDIOTIC reasons, failed to issue a trigger warning before exploring a woodsy area known for suicides in Aokigahara, Japan.

Logan and his crew decided to take a New Year’s Eve trip to Aokigahara for funsies. While filming there this major asshole came across the body of a man who had hanged himself in the trees. Rather than call cut and report it to the authorities, Logan decided to make the most of it…

Dude is pretty much a Kardashian!

“This is the most real vlog I’ve ever posted on this channel,” Paul said in the video. “I think this definitely marks a moment in YouTube history.”

Paul then proceeded to film closer to the body before apologising to viewers for what was “supposed to be a fun vlog.”

Here’s a cut (without the dead body) of the since removed video which shows Logan and company’s handling of the situation.

Clearly the side effects an out-of-touch generation watching a video with a title that suggests the exploration of a “suicide forest” and expecting to find Pokemons instead of suicide victims.

Being accused of misogyny and rap flow infringement by FLOBOTS were the peak of his worries until this suicide video situation. Logan was forced to issue an apology.

He has a ton of advertisers, a $200,000 vehicle, and mansion sized mortgage payments… This was a case of live by the sword, die by the sword.

The same audience on the internet that made him famous also reminded him that he wasn’t untouchable or above trigger warnings. 

However, we know what’s next… Douche is only getting more popular because, HUMANITY!

Youtube “celebrities,” Snapchat “celebrities,” Instagram “celebrities…” It’s a fucking epidemic that is desensitising our youth.

And since the audience of all those attention-whores are mostly unsupervised kids that are allowed to do whatever they want on the internet; the only way to make them go away is for the PARENTS to step in and be parents!!

The end.

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3 thoughts on “Douche On The Loose

  1. “Youtube “celebrities,” Snapchat “celebrities,” Instagram “celebrities…” It’s a fucking epidemic that is desensitising our youth.” Thank you for this! We really need to stop making these people famous and giving them attention. I’m actually glad I didn’t know who Logan Paul was before every news outlet wrote about his video.

    • olemtl says:

      Yeah same here… I had no clue about him, and didn’t want to blog about it, but I needed to take it out at the same time. I don’t understand the appeal of these clowns. I was also young once, but I was able to make a difference between funny, stupid, wrong and cool. These people are consequence of bad parenting.

      • Absolutely. I tried to watch one video of that guy afterwards, just to see what he does normally. Basically he brags about earning shitloads of money with his youtube account, tries to sell merchandise every 30 seconds and – what’s the most annoying of it all – acts like a squirrel on cocaine throughout the entire video. These people are human clickbait – and that they seem to get worldwide attention makes me sad about the world we live in.

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