I was supposed to have a date every single day this week. By Tuesday I was already booked until Saturday, BUT… I’m moody. It’s actually pretty overwhelming dealing with so many guys while having so little sleep.

Wednesday night I turned off my phone not even cancelling my date that day, or the one of Thursday, and went to sleep because I was tired and myself is before any one else.

It took me many years becoming my own priority, yet, I don’t recognise myself by treating others as if they don’t exist.

Dehumanising men has become too normal that’s not even fun.

I don’t care what they feel and I don’t care what they want. I’m an autocrat. It’s my way or no way! In that context I still score a lot, but in my moments of mea culpa I also apologise for being a bitch. And that happened with my date of Thursday.

Gab is a model, and dealing with my spoiled ass makes him to my eyes a good guy.

I’m not even going to mention the rest because I actually don’t care. They just want to fuck me so they can keep waiting for when I need them.

You know… Not having had any sex in 5 days is affecting me! Last Sunday Mark2 told me he would be busy this week at school, so in my intention to remain exclusive to him I am acting like a meanie with every one else. 

Monogamy definitely doesn’t work with a sexfriend. 

And speaking of fuckfriend Randy messaged me today, but I don’t wanna see him. I still annoyed at him for failing me last week, so he’s not having me any time soon. Bitch can fuck himself ’cause I’m fucking with someone else. The fact is, I DON’T NEED HIM! 

Anyway, I clearly need to get fixed in order to be a good person again.