April is Autism Awareness Month. It is estimated that 1 in 500 children have a learning disability that falls into the autism spectrum disorder category. Since its inception, autism awareness and acceptance have increased, and a better understanding of neurodiversity has ensued.

Generally, people with autism can have normal or HIGH intelligence, but sometimes there is an intellectual disability that can range anywhere from mild to severe.

Often they present difficulties in social interaction, social relationships, communication, behaviour and learning.

Even though the condition has only “recently” been recognised, there are many famous people throughout history who are thought to have been on the autistic spectrum.

Below five exceptional allegedly autistic people who made epic contributions to our world.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Composer

Mozart is recognised as one of the most gifted musicians and composers the world has ever seen. His talent was precocious and astonishing; by the age of 5 he was composing pieces and performing for Royalty.

His work is regarded as some of the best classical music ever produced, and many pieces remain popular to this day. His influence on the development of western music is momentous.

Michelangelo – Artist, Architect, Engineer

Considered one of the greatest artists ever to have lived, Michelangelo’s work is some of the most recognizable and well-known of all time.

His genius was recognized during the course of his life and he was commissioned to paint the Sistine Chapel Ceiling by the Pope. The project took Michelangelo 4 years, and the result is one of the most acclaimed works of art on the planet.

But his most famous piece is the statue of David, which is the epitome of Renaissance sculpture.

Sir Isaac Newton – Physicist,  Mathematician, Astronomer, Theologian

Credited with the “discovery of gravity” and considered by many to be the most influential scientist who ever lived, Newton’s work on universal gravitation and the laws of motion dominated scientific thinking for the next 300 years.

His other notable achievements include the invention of the reflecting telescope and his work on the visible spectrum of colours after observing the effect of a prism splitting beams of light into rainbows.

But for the majority of people, Newton is most famous for having an apple fall on his head.

Lewis Carroll – Writer, Mathematician, Logician, Anglican deacon, and Photographer

Carroll is the acclaimed 20th Century writer behind Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland; one of the most enduringly popular pieces of literature ever produced.

Pablo Picasso – Artist

A 20th Century artist who’s credited with leading and inspiring the cubist movement of artists, Picasso was a remarkable man. He lived through two world wars but never fought, spending the second in Nazi occupied France where he continued to paint and sculpt throughout the conflict.

Picasso also struggled with social behaviour problems and had a mild form of autism. Today he is still revered as one of the most revolutionary and accomplished artists.

The stories of these geniuses have inspired many to pursue life-long goals no matter what the challenges are. The world would not have been the same without them.