I bought this book over the weekend. I’m on the last Chapter, so 20+ hours later, I’m almost done.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life.

I bought this book because of the title, it seemed like a good read according to my lifestyle.

However, it’s not really what I expected.

I agree with few things the author (a blogger! And entrepreneur) mention on this book, but I didn’t find it solid in many other stuff.

Although his self-help intentions are noble (more like making cash) this guy has a degree in finance, not psychology or sociology; or  qualify studies to convince me that his statements are correct, accurate and irrefutable.

I totally agree on what he says about social media, but by the middle of the book (False memories) he sounds totally sexist for not saying like an entitle douchebag,

I get the book is about not giving a fuck, but you have to care about not sending the wrong message. Again, unlike most reviews I didn’t find it funny or epic at all, just acceptable.

Overall, a read for the fun of it but not to be taken too serious.

I guess the message on this type of work is that we can all save ourselves the trouble of trying to find happiness by just realising that we need to choose to be happy now.

And about this book…

Enjoy the small stuff, my friends, because tomorrow might just suck a giant dick…

Which I actually need today.