Yesterday was Pet Day, a day when everybody posts a picture of their pet.

So basically it’s like every day since not a second goes by when some attention-whore post a picture of their dog on Instagram or Facebook with false words like, “Isn’t that the best dog alive?” The answer is always: No, motherfucker, because it’s not a picture of MY dog!

To celebrate National Pet Day, famous people have been posting pictures of their pets. Like Vladimir Putin tweeted a picture of his favourite pet, Donald Trump, (he didn’t do that, Putin has nicer pets,) and Chris Evans tweeted a video of when he and his adopted dog friend Dodger first laid eyes on each other at the pound.

Chris told People that he was shooting a scene for Gifted at the pound, and at first he thought that all the dogs there were actor dogs. But when he found out the dogs actually lived at the pound, he walked down the kennel aisle and met Dodger, who was about 1 years old at the time. Sweet! They were meant to be.

Just like my baby and I when I saw him for the first time. It was love at first sight.

Happy belated Pet Day!