For those who follow my carnal pleasures, you may wonder why I haven’t blog about my American straight fuckfriend (Mark2) in a while… Well, Mark2 is dating a girl at the moment so, we took a break.

I have to admit it got me a bit blue ’cause he was my #1 sexmate, but at the same time I knew this moment would come sooner or later, so I had nothing to say to him but to enjoy it. 

I truly appreciate the guys I share my intimacy with, I value their devotion as lovers and the good times they give me.

So, no hard feelings whatsoever. Young people need to explore and they know I’ll be here for them as long as I’m still single.

Life is made of moments, and the Sex Gods want me to have more…

That’s why they sent back Mykola!

Mykola (aka Mikee) is an Ukrainian bisexual guy I had a fling with last year. We were sexmates until school ruled his life and I met other guys.

He texted me out of the blue last night, he now lives few blocks away from my flat and he’s about to graduate at McGill university… So, as an early congratulation, we fucked.

He looks hotter than last year and more relaxed. In fact he was pretty affectionate and very uninhibited as if he’s a lot more comfortable with his sexuality.

You know, like seasons guys come and go and despite not having love, I feel lucky to have meet so many wonderful people… People that make me feel, for a moment, that I mean something to them. 

Because even if it’s to fuck, they don’t make me feel alone.