Noted Swedish peen artiste Carolina Falkholt is already known for painting a beautiful, veiny pink dick on the side of a building in Manhattan last year after she was commissioned by a local street art foundation. Some neighbors cried about it, and it was eventually painted over.

RIP Big Pink Veiny Dick Of Manhattan.

The same thing happened in Stockholm…

The Guardian says that about a week ago, Carolina’s latest dick art was unveiled on the side of an apartment building.

It’s a five-story tall cut veiny dick. It has been appreciated by people who love art, dicks of all shapes, colours and sizes, and Smurf cock.

But not everyone loves the giant sight of a blue dick and cock-blocked it by complaining. 

Here’s the five-story dick that’d impress even the most pickiest of size queens. (“Speak for yourself, bitch, I only get the tingles for dicks that are eight-stories or more.” – size queens).

So if you’re in Stockholm, get it while you can. And if you can’t resist the urge to lick it, make sure you play safe by Purell-ing your tongue afterward.