Back in ’98, Disney did the world a solid by inadvertently creating a hunky bisexual when they had Li Shang get the under-tunic-feels for Mulan, although he thought she was a dude.

With their planned live-action remake, Disney appears to be asking for take-backsies on the bisexuality because a casting call indicates that they are swapping out the character of Li Shang for some super straight dude named Chen Honghui.

Here’s the casting call that’s going out

The live-action Mulan stars Yifei Liu as the title role, MASTER Donnie Yen as Commander Tung, MASTER Jet Li as the emperor of China, and GODDESS Gong Li as the new villain, a witch (a role that wasn’t in the animated movie). 

Disney has been dancing around LBGTQ content for a while now but they keep balking. They seem perfectly ok with fish fucking and cock castles but I guess they draw the line when it comes down to a man being attracted to another man who’s actually a woman.

The live-action remake of Mulan has now made 2 huge errors…

This, and being made!!!