Despite having slept with many and being recognised by many others whenever I use social media, I’m pretty invisible in public because most guys only know me naked.

In person, in real life, in public, I wear clothes like everyone else! Actually I do more than that, I hide under my clothes and sunglasses.

Few days ago while shopping, I saw this hot guy I flirted with (some time ago,) not far from me also shopping at the same store. However, he didn’t realise it was me.

Today at the gym same story… Another guy I talked to in the past was working out next to my machine but since I had my face covered with a cap he didn’t recognise me.

I actually like it! In fact, I hate surprising “Heeey’s” when I feel barely human. I’m fucking insecure and excessively self conscious.

In my reality the only people who always recognise my camouflage outside are my ex boyfriends, because not even my mother does. And I’m not even joking.

Other than that I had a very productive day giving my ass a rest, working out and snapping pics of hot guys, because being invisible gives you sexy impunity like that.