While taking a break from trying to steal baby’s milk and purring out a dusty relic of a song about being Siamese, two Siamese cats from Russia got themselves into a major, major problem as their human filmed it.

Each pussy started at the opposite end of the top of some entertainment unit-looking thing, and made their way across it. They eventually ran into each other and a real Nelly and Kelly Rowland song ensued.

They realised they were stuck. What to do? They could just live there forever. They could turn on each other and try to push one another to a possible death.

Or they could join forces and jump onto their human before attacking their human for recording their troubles instead of helping them. You’d think it would be the third one.

But those cats shocked us all by solving the problem with team work.

So those cunning pussies solved a problem without scratching each other’s eyes out, screaming at one another or destroying the other by leaking harmful into to the media?

Further proof that humans should NOT run the world!