That means very good in Ukrainian, and that was my verdict last night after Mykola gave my South American A some Eastern European D.

During the day I received other requests but overall Mykola is my #1 choice. He’s hot, strong, well hung, but his biggest appeal to me is how well spoken he is. He’s a great interlocutor and we always talk about social stuff and politics from time to time. However, the cutest thing is how he confides in me by sharing his privacy.

Mykola looks and acts like the typical straight macho guy, the one who doesn’t talk about feelings, or show vulnerability, and in his case those traits are even stronger ’cause he’s from a country where men are supposed to be alpha males… And at 23 he’s all that and more, but whenever he shows his softer side, he is charming af. 

Long story short, he gave me a very good time last night.