Taking a look on a second-hand book store, I found this jewel: PRISM International (a magazine that looks like a small book).

PRISM international is a quarterly magazine out of Vancouver, whose mandate is to publish the best in contemporary writing and translation from Canada and around the world.

Writing from PRISM has been featured in Best American Stories, Best American Essays and The Journey Prize Stories, amongst other noted publications.

The issue I found Love & Sex is from 2014 and is full subtle, sexy poetry and short humorous pieces that were so addictive that took me less than two hours to read every single page of it.

In “My Montreal Vagina,” “Petrified,” and “Red Mailboxes,” author Billeh Nickerson highlights the humour and melancholy intrinsic in human relationships, walking us through doctors’ offices, lonely hotel rooms, and empty streets.

This is the type of publication that inspires all type of writers.

The piece below was written by an author that goes by the name of Marypeace :

Friends for life?
Friends for fuck?
Friends for anything but:
But: honesty
But: transparency
But: vulnerability.
Friends for a moment;
Friends for a while;
One’s youthful body
Beckons glaring eyes…
Friends for texting
For chatting, for emailing
How do you get friends
Who long for depth,
Discovering wisdom
Glowing smiles; which
Come about with sincere hugs?
Life style friends?
For a while with sculpted bodies.
Internet friends?
Just for one night stands.
At work friends?
If competition is absent.
Glamorous friends?
If credit card is black.
Sexual friends?
If pornography is a must.
Friends forever
If checking account is large.
Friendship a dead concept,
May rest in peace!
(copyright of the author)

I love this magazine so much!