Alek Minassian, the fucked up dude who killed 10 people with a rental van in Toronto on Monday, is being praised by misogynistic communities of the dark web…

Apparently the reason of the mass murder was the rejection he felt from women and his overall failure to attract the opposite sex.

Just before carrying out his rampage, he praised on his Facebook the “Incel Rebellion,” and California mass-killer Elliot Rodger (a 22 yo kid who did the same back in 2014).

Incels, or “involuntarily celibate” is a misogynist online culture of men who don’t have access to sex and believe it’s a basic human right. Following Monday’s carnage, members of the incel community praised the Toronto truck attack, calling for similar action, saying “it’s now or never.”

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization that monitors hate groups and extremists, incels stem from the pickup artist movement, a culture that offers men tips to persuade women to sleep with them. When theses pickup tips fail them, the men become bitter.

Let’s think for a moment… WTF!!!

We all have probably felt rejected once, or twice but that’s life. 

Also, it’s not all about looks, but about personality. 

More than any negative feeling I feel sincerely sad for that band of frustrated. It’s obvious they need physiological help, yet is scary how many angry men, about not getting laid, are out there. To say all of them need some sex in their life to chill the fuck down, it’s not a frivolous remark. But the truth!