Foolish Games

The game of love in a pure, brutal, natural, volcanic state, which I enjoyed, was the best thing in the world…

Better than drugs, better than heroin, better than coke, hashish, marijuana, cannabis, acids, lsd, ecstasy, morphine… Better than intercourse, oral, anal, a 69, an orgy, the kamasutra, or tantric sex… Better than Nutella and your favourite dessert… Better than the trilogy of Lucas, J.K Rowling, Tolkien and the Millennium… Better than Naomi’s walk, Angelina’s lips, or Messi’s kicks… Better than Cousteau expeditions undersea and Dali’s surrealism… Better than any religion, ideology, and organism… 

Better than Apple, better than freedom, better than life… Just you and I.

A game of idiots? Perhaps. But it was our game.

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