I remember when I came out to my cousins I was super nervous and thought they would immediately shut their love off. That didn’t happen.  They looked at me like “meh.” And you know what? That’s what everyone’s coming out should be like because who gives a fuck?

And in the tradition of 2018’s themes of “representation and visibility” Janelle Monae has finally put an end to the rumours of whether or not she likes to take a dip in the Lady Pond during an interview with Rolling Stone

She came out as the q (queer), p (pansexual) and f (free-ass motherfucker) in LGBTQPF.

I have no idea what she’s doing currently ’cause I lost interest, for some reason, after her amazing album The ArchAndroid but goof for her!

Now, she’s undoubtedly talented but I CAN’T with the word “queer” and “pansexual” I have no idea how many labels people need.

A pansexual is pretty much the an upgraded bisexual. Meaning they’re attracted to everything, specifically trans and all the in-between… As if bisexuals, or even gays are not.

Sexuality is very complex already to keep creating more names for every single thing. 

Anyway, who cares if she like poon, peen or both? She’s wonderful! Period