I watched the latest Avengers and Marvel actually did it!

The reigning king of planet blockbuster crammed 30-plus superheroes into a single sardine tin of a movie.

Did it work, though? Was it any good? 

Personally I liked it, although Marvel always use alternative timelines (so everybody is always alive) for once I was satisfied to see many die. And not because I’m a hater but c’mon, they cannot always win. 

Thanos was portrayed fantastically, and Doctor Strange FINALLY delivered some A game! His solo movie was boring beyond believe, however he’s pretty awesome in this film.

The Scarlet Witch also showed some real powers AT LAST (but her role still small, and I don’t understand why,) and Thor as well was the GOD he is and not just another mortal like the rest.

This movie should be called Genocide.

I have many questions tho such as:

  1. Why did Strange did what he did??
  2. Why they made Vision look so weak?
  3. Why they didn’t cut off Thanos arm when they have the opportunity to? 
  4. Why is the Red Skull With the Soul Stone on Vormir? 
  5. Why won’t the Hulk Come Out?
  6. Why Tony (aka Iron Man) didn’t die instantly but instead survived on the final scenes? He’s a human, not a god or a mutant?? Didn’t make sense at all.
  7. Why powerful heroes died but the one with no super power (Black Widow) didn’t? 

Regardless, this film was SPECTACULAR!