On my way to the theatre I saw a guy who looked like Jaden (one of my exes) and strangely got me anxious.

I’m not sure if it was him because there was too many people between us, but he surely looked alike.

I don’t usually get anxious at the sight of my ex’s ’cause I am in good terms with most of them…

But Jaden is the exception.

Thinking rationally I was like “nah it cannot be” (Jaden lives in Toronto) yet he works for an airline company and he could easily fly anywhere anytime, and he loves Montreal.

I lost contact with him the moment I decided he was making me miserable, and didn’t ended up well. So it’s been about 6 years ago, when he was 23, but…. That face, that smile. 

Who knows if it was him or not, but the truth is I’m dammed by dating good looking guys I had in my heart but can’t take out of my head. 

It’s not fun at all.