A human named Andrew Hill was doing some stand-up paddleboarding stuff off the coast of Gracetown in Western Australia when a pod of dolphins caught a wave and swam toward him. Another dude named Lucas Englert just so happened to be on the beach recording surfers when the pod of dolphins caught the attention of his camera.

Lucas stayed on the dolphins and captured the moment when one of them aced its WWE audition by knocking Andrew off his board with one swift bodyslam.

Some call 911 when an intruder creeps onto their property, and others handle a trick themselves, like that dolphin.

That dolphin took Andrew out like it just watched The Cove and Blackfish and is getting revenge on us evil ass humans.

That dolphin took delight in knocking him off. I think that the dolphins have had it!

So the next time you see a gang of dolphins coming your way, you better pray to Jesus to give you the instant power to run your ass on water, because that bodyslam was only a warning. Dolphins may have the sweet voice of a sweet giggling fem- bottom, but they’re more vicious than a granny who’s missing a discount grocery coupon from her wallet.

They’ll gladly jump a bitch, and they’ll do it with a smile!

Gone are the days when dolphins used to save humans…

All of that disgusting swim with the dolphins shit, you are posing for your selfie with a captive animal. The overfishing. The marine pollution. The death of coral reefs. Oil spills polluting the oceans. Etc.

We don’t deserve them or any other SUPERIOR specie either.